Music-Comic Series Launching Summer 2019

LIFEWAVE [SeikatsuNami]

In a world where evil sets foot through airwaves, the frequencies of independent music are the only hope to cancel out the mental enslavement of our planet. Austin, a music lover and rebel of the establishment, finds himself in the centre of the battle between good and evil and must make new friendships, end old ones and unlock memories that will help return the free will and independence of our LifeWaves.

A Word From The Creative Director of LifeWave

With the anticipation of this summer's launch of the LifeWave comic and Trading Card Game, we speak with Francis Hill about what can be expected from this revolution in the comic and independent music industry.

LifeWave Trading Card Game

Battle, Trade & Collect in the Upcoming LifeWave Trading Card Game

Build your own music team and battle MVXtapes with friends this summer in the LifeWave Trading Card Game.