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AO Gorman

  • Toronto
  • Canada

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When my pen hits the pad... it goes berserk

AO Gorman

AO Gorman


AO Gorman has been one of the most consistent African Canadian music acts within past few years. AO has performed at top venues in Toronto such as the Living Arts Center, Hershey Center , The Mod Club, and Lula Lounge to name a few.

AO released two mixtapes “Ready for Takeoff” and “Sky High” early on in his career which created a local buzz, more hunger and drive to create hip-hop with his original sound. A solo album “Coming of Age”, which featured top African Musicians in Canada was created shortly after the mixtapes and was well accepted by his audience. The album won Album of the Year at the 2013 AE Awards. AO has been nominated for Artist of the Year, and Best Band with his group Earthphonics. AO also won the Award of Excellence in 2015 from Abedorc Productions by exhibiting inspirational music that uplifts and motivates the community.

AO attended The Remix Project in the summer of 2009 where he was able to develop his song writing and composing skills in a class he was amongst many talented professionals such as, Noah “40” Shebib and “Future the Prince” of OVO Sound to name a few.

He is consistent in creating ear blazing original freestyles, remixes and covers for his fanbase. He also has a hand in ghost writing for artists. His most recent project released in 2017 is an EP with a full band “Earthphonics” who creates alternative mainstream music fused with hip-hop, which he founded in 2015 and takes part in as a rap vocalist.

AO is a multi-talented versatile performer and award-winning artist who is ready to take on new challenges and expand on a global scale.