Fan Music Video Experience

Your Way To Co-Star In A Real Music Video


The Fan Music Video Experience (FanMVX) is the official music video production service for a growing database of independent artists where fans perform AS THE ARTIST to an original music track.

How It Works: Public Events

Public FanMVX are activated per artist via the "Fan Power" bar on their Mixtape purchase page. As more MVXtapes are purchased, the bar increases until it reaches the goal and is activated. Once activated, additional fans will have limited time to purchase the MVXtape to be part of the FanMVX.

All fans who purchase early to help increase the Fan Power bar will receive a signed copy of that artist's Mixtape with a guaranteed spotlight shot in the main FanMVX music video.

Global Participation

Once the FanMVX has been activated, you are able to be part of it from ANYWHERE IN THE WOLRD! Visit the activated artist's Mixtape purchase page for date and location details for being filmed by the production team or see details on how to create and submit your own footage.

Just make sure you have your Mixtape from the activated artist, it is your ticket to being part of the video!

Are you interested in the entertainment industry?

The FanMVX is the perfect opportunity to test your performance and acting skills on camera and see first hand how a music video is made! Work with the activated artist in person or via a video for step-by-step direction to brining your performance to life.

Keep your eyes out for the behind the scenes camera crew to be part of The Making Of video for that FanMVX.

How It Works: To-Your-Door Private Bookings

Party like a rockstar and book the FanMVX for a private event. The production will come to-your-door with a mobile production studio. Your party chooses a song from our list of artists and performs it on camera where a final music video will be delivered for your group to upload and share with family and friends. Contact us today for more details today.